Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

The following Rules and Regulations ("Rules") set forth the terms and conditions, which shall govern the relationship between Adrows CPA, Advertisers and Publishers using the Services offered through our Website.


  1. You will provide necessary artwork and other creative content that are specified by Adrows CPA, and which meets all our requirements including but not limited to the format sizes as well as details of all landing pages.
  2. You will create and deliver all advertisements to Adrows CPA prior to publication. Advertiser is the sole owner of any and all intellectual property rights associated with its provided ads.
  3. You are responsible for proofreading all creative materials prior to making them available to the Publishers. Publisher is not liable for errors in position and/or placement of the creative materials, or typographical errors of any kind.
  4. You agree that you shall not include any ads that have content or links to anything malicious such as malware or viruses that attempts to undermine the good faith between Advertisers and Publishers. Any attempt to introduce such ads will result in immediate suspension of your account without further notice at our sole discretion.
  5. Adrows CPA will not be held responsible, nor be held liable, for any loss that results due to the suspension.
  6. You agree that you will not alter or remove the tracking method deployed by Adrows CPA to track leads. If you disrupt, interfere or disable the tracking system, you will be obligated to pay for all actions, based upon the historical earnings per lead to have been generated during the period of disruption.
  7. You must give notice before pausing or changing a campaign. You will be liable to pay for leads that are generated before the campaign is paused or changed.
  8. It is your responsibility as Advertiser to validate all leads generated from the advertisements. All leads once validated are payable to Publisher.
  9. Failure to make timely payments shall constitute material breach. You are responsible for all reasonable expenses and such incurred by Adrows CPA in collecting such amounts due plus interest.
  10. Should you believe fraud has occurred in any advertising, you must notify Adrows CPA and provide competent evidence of such fraudulent activities. Failure of notification on any fraudulent activity shall waive any right or claim of Advertiser against Adrows CPA.
  11. Adrows CPA does not and cannot guarantee sales. We can provide the promotion and exposure of your site but your product or service must make the sale. We provide only traffic and leads.


  1. Adrows CPA posts offers and associated creative materials on our Website in connection with our platform. Approved Publishers shall be permitted to download the creative materials for publication on your website(s) and other media properties that are approved by Adrows CPA.
  2. You agree that you will comply with any specific ad placement specified by Adrows CPA or the Advertisers. You must not place any ad on a page with no content, on top of another ad, on a non-approved website or other media properties, or in such a fashion that may be deceptive to the end user.
  3. You acknowledge and understand that you have no right to change, modify, make additions to or derive from the Ads provided by Adrows CPA and the Advertisers without prior consent.
  4. You agree that you shall not promote, publish or advertise any ads that promote or contain (i) pornographic, obscene or offensive material, (ii) software trading or hacking content, (iii) illegal music reproduction, downloads or content, (iv) any spyware, adware, trojans, viruses, worms, spybots, or any other form of malware, or (v) any other illegal content.
  5. You shall have the right to remove from your website(s) and other media properties any ad where the advertising material or the site to which the ad is linked does not comply with the policies or applicable laws or where it is likely that the ad or the linked site will bring disparagement, ridicule or scorn upon you.
  6. You may not place any ad in a discriminatory or illegal context or in a way that could bring disparagement, ridicule or scorn upon the Advertisers or Adrows CPA, and you will use reasonable efforts to ensure a professional level of editorial quality of your content.
  7. You agree to not artificially inflate traffic counts using a program (including scripts), device, or other means and to not manipulate the content of your website(s) and other media properties, including without limitation, “ghosting”, “cloaking” or providing misleading metatags.
  8. Adrows CPA and Advertisers reserve the right to qualify leads and will not pay for duplicate entries, incomplete entries or entries that are determined to originate from fraudulent activity.
  9. You agree to be paid the applicable rate for each lead verified by Adrows CPA and the Advertisers. You further agree that payment will be owed to you from the applicable Advertiser. Adrows CPA shall have no payment obligation to you where Advertiser has not remitted sufficient payments to cover the rate otherwise due and owing to you.
  10. You shall have the right to pursue any and all legal remedies directly against any Advertiser that has not made funds available to pay sums due and owing to you.
  11. Adrows CPA does not guarantee that all advertisements appearing on your website(s) and other media properties will be revenue-generating for you.